To/At Buffalo (08/14-08/16) Video Blogs

Hi, this is video blogs vomit for the past 2 days since I arrived. Also, haven’t posted pictures! (@flickr) I arrived on the 14th August, 730pm. Reached hotel 9pm. Hm, I will update more on these videos later. Goodnight!


I’m in the United States! In the plane. It’s bright the whole trip as I’m travelling with the sun. It’s 90% Asians onboard. Everything looks surreal to me. I can see art in everything. I’m adjusting well to local time. There are no personal screens in the plane. I met a Vietnamese lady onboard who loves to talk. And she gave me a small green apple-like fruit to eat. I lost the mangosteen she gave me. I’m thinking of everyone’s faces now. Thank you for your gifts. I feel a bit like Columbus bringing relics of Singapore and my life to U.S..

andrea in hongkong transit
Me at HongKong Transit.

Bored at hongkong airpot, so took a 360 deg scan.
Did u see a handsome guy reading a book?

On the way to the airpot in a cab. Cant believe the sunset is as round as a salted egg.

360 degree scan of my luxurious hotel at Indigo.
And more pictures:

Photo 8

Photo 7

toilet door latched to wall with a distance, i can see what people are doing outside my cubicle, very clearly, so i suppose the same happens to me.

another toilet video:

my first trip on campus, on foot, in North Campus.

Walk 2

Ride to South Campus, on campus bus

Realise a lethal weapon. Smile. And they’ll smile back. And do things for you.
Always say a lot to explain yourself. The Asian minimalistic high context method doesn’t work.

You know, I’m always thinking about getting to food here that I don’t ever get indigestion, unless I’m eating a plate full of cheese and dairy.

At Mac

At Mac 2


MacDonald’s recipt. I spend SGD 9 on cinnamon melts, small fries, regular coke and one wrap. Do we ever spend so much in SG? I can’t remember…


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