OK! On Friday… I went scouting the campus again, usually for food. Lunch or dinner. I woke up really happy. See, I even did a video of my apartment at the request of my mama. I was still alone, and I kinda like it. (I was still alone in the house because housemates went NYC) I went about my own business la, doing my barang barang. Trust me, there’s a lot to do when you have to take care of yourself.

And then I even took artistic shots of the sunlight.


OK, if its not that arty to you, check out this one.


I really like the lines made by the lamppost and my window grills. It looked different from my eye. 😦


OK, so…these didn’t work either. Check out the masterpiece of the art of pizzaaaaaaaa.


I swear I chose the ugliest and the most healthy pizza I could find in the range. But this must be the best pizza I ever eaten my entire life. Amen.


And I tasted Dr. Pepper. It tasted like…. it tasted like…. like any other soft drink with a jarring taste. I don’t know what to say. I just know I won’t try it again. I guess I’m at the age when I’m over soft drinks already.

Took a lot of pictures of ads. And then I went to CIT ( Communication Information Technology). On the way to CIT:


Near CIT is this,



Thought it was quite smart to ‘pin-up’ books on a notice board.



Eating Gum from gum machines situated all over campus.

SG coins. Deficit in Buffalo.

Revamped my Dashboard in the toilet.
Update: I deleted Flappie, my virtual pet, because it kept dying on me. Especially when my computer is on even as I am out. Click on picture to identify Flappie.

My only bed companion. Small enough to keep my hands warm only. 😦


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